These are not just words – We really do take Action!

Imagine a company that meets all its commitments (including budget, schedule and scope). A company whose managers know exactly what is happening with each and every project, and at all times; the quality of the product or service is excellent; the customers are always satisfied and the employees are in a good mood.
This is the OK Management Consulting Vision!

Managers often experience late deliveries, unplanned changes, and budget overruns. More often than not, managers are unpleasantly surprised to learn that there are serious quality issues in the development of a new product or service that lead to extra work and costs, or that some of the product or service content is missing. As a result, managers have to deal with customer complaints. The employees also become frustrated and irritated, having worked hard but achieving unsatisfactory results.

The OK Management Consulting vision is to help organizations deal with these challenges in a successful and effective manner.

We believe that work processes are an important part of R&D, project management, operations, service, quality and excellence.

Our vision is to assist organizations meet and exceed their business objectives, by enhancing a culture of quality and a process of continuous improvement. We will upgrade your work processes to suit your specific requirements, using best-in-class models, such as CMMI, PMBOK and Automotive SPICE.

Our vision for organizations, undergoing a standard certification process, is to integrate advanced tools and methods into their work processes, based on our vast know how and experience in integrating advanced, best-in-class models.

Our uniqueness in these fields is based on decades of accumulated experience and professionalism in developing, managing and improving processes, with proven success.

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