How to derive significant benefits from aligning the organization processes according to the requirements of standards

Remember that there is a direct relationship between the quality of the processes that create a product and/or service and the quality of the product or service itself.

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    We provide a broad range of support services when it comes to adapting the company’s processes to comply with standards and models. We build integrative processes incorporating the requirements of all standards and models, including specific requirements of certain clients. We do not believe in a quality management system involving large quantities of paperwork! Within a short time, we create a concise quality system for you that meets your requirements.

    Our consultancy process includes the following steps:

    1. End-to-end mapping of the company’s processes

    Building an end-to-end development or service process map. The map includes the order of activities to perform the process, who is responsible for performing each activity, supporting tools (templates, checklists and guidelines), metrics for determining whether the activity was performed successfully.

    OK Management Consulting is an Excellent company The output of the activity is a clear and concise process map, which includes all the necessary activities for carrying out the company’s requirements (compliance with standards, specific client requirements and the like).

    2. Creating support tools (templates, checklists, guidelines)

    We create with you and for you tools for the processes identified in the mapping process – templates, checklists, training presentations. The templates contain all the process “know-how” required in order to comply with the requirements.

    OK Management Consulting is an Excellent company The output of the activity is a collection of templates and checklists that have been adapted and approved by company representatives.

    3. Implementation at the company

    We support the implementation of processes that are defined through training, reviews of process documents and internal audits.

    OK Management Consulting is an Excellent company The result of the activity is that the company management team and staff work in a common organizational language and process.
    This makes it very easy to motivate all the teams to work towards a common goal.

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