ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard

How to be recognized around the world as a “green” company that protects and is responsible for the environment

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    ISO 14001 is an environmental management standard. As part of its implementation, the organization defines its environmental protection policy, ensures compliance with the requirements of environmental laws, and defines processes and activities related to the environment.

    Why should an organization obtain ISO 14001:2015 certification?

    • Certification provides a competitive advantage thanks to the improvement of the company’s reputation in Israel and abroad as a “green” company that protects and is responsible for the environment;
    • Certification increases the options for doing business with new markets in Israel and abroad thanks to compliance with environmental requirements that are important to potential customers, investors and buyers;
    • Reducing long-term financial expenses as a result of identifying existing environmental risks and building a prevention plan;
    • Direct contribution to the environment as a result of improved control of polluting processes;
    • Increasing the satisfaction of employees and customers due to the organization’s protection of the environment;
    • Compliance with the threshold conditions of tenders or the requirements of authorities and the Ministry of Environmental Protection that require ISO 14001 certification thanks to the establishment of a system and tools for controlling compliance with regulatory and legal environmental requirements;
    • Maintaining an environmental system in compliance with the standard can be of assistance in the event of lawsuits against the organization for negligence.

    As part of the establishment of an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001:2015, we do the following for you and with you …

    • Define the organization’s environmental management policy;
    • Identify the legislative requirements that apply to the organization;
    • Identify and evaluate the environmental risks and hazards, while defining activities to prevent their realization;
    • Draft the organization’s environmental procedures;
    • If the organization is ISO 9001 certified, we recommend adapting the organization’s quality procedures to conform to the requirements of both standards and to create an integrated quality management system.
    • Define environmental requirements and guidelines within the organization’s internal procedures; Define environmental objectives and metrics;
    • Define activities for continuous improvement of the environmental issue as part of the organizational culture;
    • Carry out internal audits in preparation for certification audits by a certifying body;
    • Conduct quality management reviews in accordance with the requirements of the standard.

    The consultancy process for ISO 4001:2015 certification

    The process begins with meetings with key people at the organization in order for us to learn how you work; We conduct an environmental survey that maps environmental risks and hazards, and identify the laws relevant to the organization. Next, we, characterize the necessary work processes with you, develop the procedures, work instructions and forms, and have them approved by the representative of the organization’s management. Once the work processes have been developed and approved, we help you integrate them at the organization. The integration process may include, according to your needs, training, internal audits, preparation and participation in a quality management review, and more. We guarantee that at the end of the consultancy process, you will successfully pass an objective audit by one of the organizations authorized to audit compliance with the standard.

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