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Setting up Project Management Office (PMO) at the organization

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    Project Management Office (PMO) is the function responsible for the definition or implementation of all aspects of organization project management. The PMO’s responsibilities can range from overall responsibility for project management, including setting effective methodologies and work processes (the project manager is the project’s CEO) to the appointment of project managers responsible for overseeing, supervising and reporting on the projects within their sphere of responsibility.

    The process of setting up or upgrading a PMO requires extensive understanding and experience in project management methodologies and the ability to lead the change at the organization. Our company has the tools, methods and experience to provide every organization with a PMO tailored to its size and goals. Our tools and methods are based on the world’s most advanced project management model – PMBOK
    The improvement plan is based on one or more of the PMBOK knowledge areas: Integration Management, Scope Management, Schedule Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Resource Management, Communication Management, Risk Management, Procurement Management, Stakeholder Management

    Our advantage lies in a comprehensive understanding of end-to-end processes in addition to project management processes: quality and excellence. We incorporate knowledge and experience from all disciplines into a single organizational process.

    Contact us  We have a wide range of offers for you, from assistance in defining and implementing specific project management processes (such as risk management) to supervising the establishment of a PMO and/or actual project management at your organization.

      Results of the consultancy process:

      A structured organization project management culture that includes:

      • Realization of the business strategy through a product portfolio
      • End-to-end common project management methodology at the company
      • Planning, including cost and time estimates
      • Improved project performance in terms of schedule, cost, quality, scope, risks and customer satisfaction
      • Focused project management in response to changing business objectives
      • Optimal utilization of project resources
      • Standardization and lateral control capability
      • Use of the world’s most advanced methodologies and practices
      • Initiating steps aimed at continuous improvement
      • Metric-based management and decision-making

      Tools and Method Implementation

      • Setting up/upgrading a Project Management Office (PMO)
      • Defining project life cycle, with control gates including interfaces and required deliverables
      • Project management methodology characterization, based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)
      • Defining the authority and responsibility of project functionaries, such as: program manager, project manager, PMO
      • Defining templates for the management processes: project planning, control, risk management, stakeholder management
      • Organizational knowledge management
      • Quantitative management of management processes and setting goals based on familiarity with the organizational process behavior


      Organizational knowledge center for all aspects of project management

      End-to-end common project management methodology at the company

      We build a road-map for end-to-end management (development, service etc.) The map includes the order of activities to be performed, who is responsible for performing each activity, supporting tools (templates, checklists and guidelines), metrics for determining whether the activity was performed successfully.

      OK Management Consulting is an Excellent company The deliverable of this activity is a clear and concise road-map, which includes all the necessary process activities for carrying out the company’s activities and addresses company’s requirements (including compliance with standards, specific client requirements, etc.).

      Creating support tools (templates, checklists, guidelines)

      Creating tools for the processes identified in the mapping – templates, checklists, training presentations. The templates contain all the process “knowledge-how” required in order to comply with the requirements.

      OK Management Consulting is an Excellent company The result of the activity is a collection of templates and checklists that have been adapted and approved by company representatives.

      Implementation at the company

      We supervise the implementation of processes that are defined through training, reviews of process documents and internal audits.

      OK Management Consulting is an Excellent company The result of the activity is that the company management team and staff work in a common organizational language and process.
      This makes it very easy to motivate the all the teams to work towards a common goal.


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