AS 9100 certification for overall quality management in the defense and aerospace industries

Suppliers and subcontractors – are your clients demanding AS 9100 certification? Are you looking for a consultant to do it for you?

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    • Are you going to bid in an important tender, and you are at a disadvantage compared to your competitors who have AS 9100 certification?
    • Do you want to be a supplier of an aerospace organization and obtaining AS 9100 certification is a contractual or threshold requirement?
    • Do you have to prove to your stringent clients that you have efficient and systematic work processes in place that ensure product quality?
    • Are you looking for a consultant to implement effective and systematic work processes at your organization?
    • Are you afraid that the AS 9100 certification process will be complicated? That you’ll get lost in the jungle of AS 9100 requirements?

    OK Consultants do this with you and for you…

    • We set up an integrated quality system for you that meets the quality management requirements of ISO 9001 and the requirements of AS 9100 for the management of legislative and aviation requirements
    • We develop all the necessary procedures and forms for you in order to pass the audit successfully
    • We support you in the implementation of the new processes at your organization
    • Or we do it for you annually at a reduced cost
    • Accompany you on the days of the audit with the external auditor

    Frequently asked questions for the AS 9100 certification process

    Does accreditation have any benefits beyond obtaining a certificate?

    Certainly! Having a quality management system based on AS 9100 enables the organization to:

    • Define goals, implement processes that support the achievement of these goals and perform corrective action in cases where the goals are not achieved
    • Comply with the contractual requirements of organizations in the aerospace industry
    • Reduce expenses stemming from faulty processes that cause unnecessary development cycles, the use of low quality components, dissatisfied customers, etc.
    • Manage traceability throughout the product life cycle, from defining customer requirements through developing and manufacturing to service provision processes
    • Reduce the number and scope of customer audits, since customers assume that the certification process attests to the existence of systematic processes at the organization
    • Implement planned and controlled project management processes

    Could we have a brief explanation of the process that awaits us?

    We have a structured process comprising the following steps:
    1. We study the existing work processes at your organization and identify the gaps relative to the requirements of AS 9100.
    2. We fill in the gaps, using work procedures, templates, checklists and forms that meet the requirements of the organization, on the one hand, and the requirements of AS 9100 on the other.
    3. We supervise the implementation process.
    4. We conduct internal audits and quality management reviews.
    5. We accompany you on the days of the external audit with the external auditor.

    Want us to do it for you?

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