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Outsourcing quality management function

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    Outsourcing quality management is suitable for a company that wants to set up or maintain a quality management system for development, operations and project management, but lacks the resources for a full-time quality manager.
    Our company has experienced quality and process managers who join companies as part-time quality managers. We provide a wide range of services: from overall outsourcing of quality management to selective services such as:

    • Setting up a quality management system tailored to the needs of the organization
    • Managing and improving existing quality management systems; drafting procedures, carrying out of trainings
    • Ongoing maintenance of the quality management system
    • Managing a certification process within the organization and vis-à-vis the certifying body
    • Carrying out internal audits in order to ensure that projects are managed according to the organization’s procedures and monitoring corrective actions from start to finish
    • Carrying out quality management reviews; presenting the status of quality to management in a clear manner; monitoring the implementation of decisions
    • Supporting improvement teams in solving problems, learning lessons or sharing knowledge
    • Preparing and supporting the organization for external audits, in accordance with the models/standards specific requirements

    Advantages outsourcing quality managers from OK Management Consulting

    • Highly experienced in a wide range of areas, both in the specific field and quality management in general
    • Provide the organization with objective and independent feedback on its processes and performance
    • Resource-saving relative to a full-time in-house quality manager
    • The scope of a part-time position is flexible according to the needs of the organization
    • As needed, we can bridge the gap until the company hires a quality manager

    Contact us. We have an offer for you for the provision of quality management and process improvement outsourcing services