ISO 45001 – Certification for Occupational Health and Safety Standards

Management of the employee health and safety system (occupational safety)

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    The ISO 45001 is a model for the management of an employee safety and health system (occupational safety). As part of the implementation of the requirements of the standard, the organization defines processes and activities related to occupational safety while complying with relevant statutory (laws and regulations) requirements.

    Why should an organization upgrade its work processes according to the Occupational Health and Safety standard?

    Organizational attention to safety and health …

    • .... identifies and manages existing risks in current operations;
    • ... reduces long-term expenses due to the prevention of safety incidents, work accidents and damage;
    • ... contributes to the welfare of the employees and to their good feeling that there is someone who cares about their health;
    • ... improves the organization’s reputation;
    • ... complies with the requirements of the law in the field of occupational health and safety;
    • .... can help in the event of lawsuits against the organization for negligence.

    As part of setting up an occupational health and safety management system, we do the following for you and with you …

    • Define the organization’s safety policy;
    • Identify the statutory requirements that apply to the organization;
    • Identify and evaluate the safety risks, while defining activities to prevent their realization;
    • Draft the organization’s safety procedures;
    • If the organization is ISO 9001 certified, we recommend adapting the organization’s quality procedures to conform to the requirements of both standards and to create an integrated quality system.
    • Define safety requirements within the organization’s internal procedures
    • Define safety objectives and metrics;
    • Define activities for continuous improvement, while reducing the costs involved in handling safety events, work accidents and occupational diseases.
    • Assist the organization’s safety officer with all aspects of compliance with the requirements of the standard and control of activities in accordance with the law in his areas of responsibility;
    • Carry out internal audits in preparation for certification audits by a certifying body
    • Prepare and conduct quality management reviews in accordance with the requirements of the standard

    The consultation process for ISO45001 certification

    The process begins with meetings with key people at the organization to learn how you work at your organization. A consultant from our company, in cooperation with representatives from your organization, characterizes the work processes, identifies legislative requirements and performs safety risk mapping. After understanding your organization’s needs, we develop procedures, work instructions, templates, and checklists so you can do what you need quickly and professionally. The company’s procedures are reviewed and approved by an authorized representative of the organization’s management. After you have approved the procedures, we help you integrate them at the organization. The integration process includes, according to your needs, training, internal audits, preparation and participation in a management review, active support in the external audit, and more. We guarantee that at the end of the consultancy process, you will successfully pass an objective audit by one of the certifing bodies.

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