Automotive SPICE (ASPICE)

Consultancy and support for companies developing products for the automotive industry for implementing ASPICE model

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    What is ASPICE model?

    ASPICE model is a product development and project management model developed and adopted by the automotive industry. The model guides companies that develop products for the automotive industry on how to upgrade their end-to-end product development processes, along with their support processes (such as project management, configuration management, quality management, supplier and subcontractor management, etc.). The model makes it possible to measure the organization’s progress in implementing processes by breaking down abstract goals (such as project management) into implementable habits (such as risk management, troubleshooting) and outlines a way to advance from the current level of capability to a higher level.
    The Automotive SPICE model guides the organization to improved performance by establishing efficient and effective processes.

    Why should the Automotive SPICE model be implemented?

    It has been proved that the quality of a product is directly and significantly affected by the quality of the processes that created it. Car manufacturers want to ensure that the products that interface with their vehicle are of perfect quality. Therefore they adopted ASPICE as a method for reviewing the quality of their suppliers’ work processes in order to verify that they are indeed implementing optimal processes and are improving over time. Vehicle manufacturers require their suppliers to pay careful attention to the quality of the development and management processes, along with serious attention to product quality.

    Frequently asked questions

    We are a startup company and we work fast. We are concerned that the implementation of the Automotive SPICE model will delay our progress.

    It is possible that implementing systematic processes will initially make you feel that you are being delayed. In the final outcome test – this is by no means certain.

    • Do you know how much the current working method is costing you?
    • Have you ever failed to meet your commitments?
    • Are you experiencing delays in supplies
    • Does the project and/or product scope change frequently?
    • Are you exceeding the planned budget?
    • Are you encountering quality problems that cause additional work cycles for repairs?

    Why should we implement the Automotive SPICE model now? Nobody is demanding it yet.

    The demand to demonstrate the implementation of the model appears in a significant percentage of contracts between manufacturers and their suppliers in the automotive industry. Implementing the model takes time. Even if you are not currently required to “behave” according to the guidelines of the model, it is advisable to implement systematic processes at your own pace. Besides, it’s a good idea to adopt the working methods and learn the language and management culture used in the automotive industry.

    Why work with us?

    To the best of our knowledge, we are the only consulting firm in Israel that helps organizations implement the model.
    You can invest a lot of time studying the model and implementing it on your own or working with consultants from abroad at lower availability and at a much higher cost.

    How is the Automotive SPICE model implemented?

    We work in several rounds. In each round:
    ⦁ We decide together on the target scope (process areas)and level
    For each process area in the work content:
    ⦁ We compare the existing work method with the work method required by the model
    ⦁ We show you the gap and make a plan to close it
    ⦁ We develop work processes for you that meet your needs, on the one hand, and meet the requirements of the model on the other
    ⦁ We assist you in the implementation process through training, reviewing documents, answering questions, and readjusting the work processes in accordance with your needs
    ⦁ We conduct periodic internal audits to ensure good implementation
    ⦁ If you decide to have an external audit that formally attests to the implementation of the model, we will help you prepare for the audit. After the audit, we will implement and correct the findings.

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