OK Management Consulting

Improving and assimilating effective processes in organizations

Does your company not always meet its commitments, such as missing deadlines, exceeding budgets, or making last-minute changes to project scope?
Do you ever find yourself dealing with last-minute, unpleasant surprises, without knowing what is actually happening in the field?
Do your managers have to deal with customer complaints or quality-related issues that lead to extra work and costs?
Are your employees frustrated because they cannot deliver the expected work products as promised, even though they work hard?
Do you ever feel there are not enough clear-cut guidelines?

We are here to help

OK Management Consulting offers a wide variety of services and tools for organizations seeking to improve their work processes: Management, R&D, project management, quality and excellence. We assimilate systematic and efficient processes, especially tailored to your organization’s needs. The methodological processes, developed and implemented in the organization, integrate all management processes, from all disciplines, into one end-to-end process.
It is well known that the quality of a system, product or service is directly and significantly affected by the quality of the process used to create it. That is why we also pay great attention to the quality of the development and management processes – in addition to the quality of the product or service.

Who We Are & Why Listen To Us 🙂

Over the years, we have successfully provided consulting services to 460 organizations from a variety of industries and fields. We are experts in providing efficient and practical consultancy services, usually within a short period of time. Combined, our consultants have accumulated almost three centuries’ experience! Together with your organization, we will design clear, straightforward work processes to guide you every step of the way, so that you perform your work to the utmost professional standards, meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Our consultancy services include:

Standardization and Regulation Consultancy and guidance for implementing quality standards
Efficient & Effective Process Implementation
Quality & Excellence Management
Automotive SPICE (ASPICE) For Auto-tech companies
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