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Did it ever happen that your company failed to achieve its commitments, was late to deliver, made last minute changes in a project content or exceeded the planned budget?

Do you as managers face last minute unexpected (or undesired) surprises, not knowing what is actually happening on the ground?

Do you meet quality problems that cause additional work cycles for repairs, or result in customer complaints after you have delivered them the product?

Are your employees frustrated because they work hard, nevertheless they can’t deliver?

Do you sometimes feel that things run out of control, and there is no guidance or direction?

It is possible and now is the time to change all this!!!

It is proven that the quality of your system/ product/ service is clearly and directly influenced by the quality of the process that governed it (or: through which it was created). We are therefore required to dedicate particular attention to the quality of the development and management processes. The quality of the process should be treated at least as good as we treat the quality of the product or the service we provide to our customers.

OK Management Consulting services offers a variety of services and tools to organizations looking at upgrading their management, development, project management, quality and excellence processes, by adapting the processes to the specific needs of each organization. We integrate methodical processes that combine all the management processes of the different units in the organization into a single integrated process.

Our services include:

We act as a one-stop-shop for integration of methodical and effective processes, and combine all the following processes to one complete integrated process:

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